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43. Grey spot


Painted iron, 200x30x9 cm

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Eti More - Sculpture & Paintings

Art has always been the center of my life. Since I was a child I felt the need to be surrounded with colors, and art materials, I knew that my life destiny is art.

Work process

The creation of my artwork begins in a unique moment that captures my attention, it could be a person, a body movement or an atmosphere, which calls me to turn it into a painting or a sculpture and then an invisible hand pulls me to the studio. The creative process in the studio depends on my mood and the place I'm in my life, sometimes the drawing evolves slowly in stages until the final product, and sometimes I through color from an unexplained feelings inside me and everything  flows without thinking or planning.

The Studio

The studio is the place where dreams come true, the thoughts and the dreams become an action and a creation, a sculpture or a painting.

The studio is a greenhouse, a warm and supporting place, a place where ideas are realized.


The New SchoolNew York, NYMetal Sculpture1994-95
The New SchoolNew York, NYPainting & Sculpture1985-87
Parsson's School of DesignNew York, NYSculpture1979-80
Bat Yam Art InstituteIsraelMajored in ART1969-72
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